Thursday, March 13, 2014

Under Armour

When my Digital Media class asked its students to review a commercial brand and how they interact with consumers online, I thought for a while about which brand I cared about. I realized I wanted to evaluate as sports brand, but Nike is everywhere on the Internet so I'm sure half the class chose that one. Then when I logged on to my Facebook account, I found the answer. Under Armour is a popular brand in the sports industry, and there was their add, right on the sidebar of my most used social networking site. After setting up my Twitter, I played around on it and realized Under Armour has one too. They have an online store and a LinkedIn profile as well. Everything that I'm on, it's on. That's awesome! They are even using their new campaign to "redefine the female athlete".  Now what could they do better on social media? Well, I wonder why I never noticed their adds on my accounts before. I'm within their 13-24 year old target audience. Under Armour needs to get my attention on social media. They should be finding me instead of making me find them on their pages.

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